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It's official! We're back!

First of all, thank you for your fantastic comments on socials following our little teaser posts. It warms our hearts to notice you all are as exited as we are! So, what has happened during our absence?

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As many of you know, Micky has left the band right before we were supposed to go on tour, just after the release of our latest album 'Until You Break'. Straight away we started having auditions and had many great singers join us in rehearsals. Despite combined efforts, we never quite found the chemistry we were hoping for.

Then COVID struck and we went through some line-up changes. Playing for you guys seemed further away than ever. But we never gave up and kept playing and searching...

Now we can proudly say it was worth the wait! All positions are filled, and we are firing on all cylinders!

What's next? We’re actively working on securing gigs, writing new music and completing old drafts. Upcoming shows will be added to our agenda.

It’s good to be back folks, this dream hasn’t ended yet!

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